30 Questions in 30 Days- Catch Up!

So, unexplained illness, paired with sleeping nearly all day has led to me not being as good about posting, so I thought I would do a catch up post :) so here are questions 2-5

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?
I started by watching my mom, who has always been as interested in makeup as I am. My good friend Lindy, who is an unbelievable makeup artist and one of my role models played an insurmountable role in not only my skills in applying makeup, but also my love of makeup. 

3. Favourite brand?
I feel as if my taste in makeup is slowly evolving, where a year ago it would have been MAC hands down, I find myself being much more drawn to Guerlain and Chanel, although my love for Laura Mercier started young. If I had to pick one brand, to use exclusively, I would say Guerlain, because I love all parts of the brand, with Chanel coming in right behind. 

4. Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what's your color and favourite?
I love wearing foundation! I would say my favorites are Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation in Warm Ivory, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in a custom mix of BR10 and BR40, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Shade 1

I have very odd coloring to my skin. I am technically pink based (I wear MAC NW shades) but since I have so much redness from being so pale and having dry skin, I like to wear more neutral to warm shades to cancel that out and match my neck, which is definitely more warm. 

 5. Favourite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?
If I had to pick one of each: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rose Ingenue 573, Chanel Glossimer in Meteore #128, NYX lip liner in Pale Pink 

so there you have it! I will try to get back on schedule with these, and I'm going to try and get everything ready to auto post as I will be on the beautiful Island of Crete, Greece next week :)


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