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Long time no talk...

SO, I know I've become the single worst blogger in the history of blogging, and I promise I will pick it up, because I have a huge surplus of looks, AND a new camera, thanks to some lovely person who decided to steal my camera in the metro yesterday, but every cloud has a silver lining and I am going to take TONS of pictures, but for now, Photo Booth photos will have to do.

Some of the looks are rather old, but I will try to remember what I used.

also- I have added a TON of new stuff to my stash while here in Paris, so be on the lookout! my new love is currently MACs Full Coverage foundation buffed in with the MAC 130 brush, very lightly, but I love it.

pictures to come...

but for now, in the spirit of the approaching holiday....

Face- Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4
Nars Loose Powder in Snow
Lancome Effacernes Concealer in Clair II
Eyes- MAC painterly paint pot- all over the lid
MAC Fairly Light pigment - all over the lid
MAC Grand Entrance eyeshadow (LE)- on the lid and inner corner
MAC Omega eyeshadow- blended in the crease
Trish McEvoy eye brightener in shell- on the water line
MAC Carbon eyeshadow- pressed into upper and lower lashlines
Dior Black Out Mascara- top and bottom lashes
Brows- Anastasia Highlighting Brown Kit (the only thing I've been using for my brows recently)
Lips- Nars Lip Liner in Jungle Red
Cheeks- MAC Well Dressed- on apples blended out
MAC Vanilla Pigment- highlighter

My Summer Essentials- Face

As summer is drawing to a close I thought I would take a look back at my essentials this summer. I will do this in a series of posts starting with face. My skin kind of freaked out halfway though the summer so I've changed all my skincare, which I will include. Now that my skin in cleared up, I've been going with the lightest coverage possible.

Cleanser- Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Face Wash ($47 here) I was introduced to this brand while on a cruise and I have completely fallen in love with the line. It is on the pricer side, but it is worth every single penny in my eyes. This is what changed my skin for the better.

Makeup Remover- Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes ($7.49 at most drugstores) I pick these up in bulk when they go on sale, which is fairly often. I've tried wipes from almost every brand, luxury to drugstore, and these are my go to. They leave a little bit of a film, but I wash after I use them anyways so it's not a problem. There are three varieties- original, night calming and hydrating, and I prefer the original and night calming over the hydrating, only because the hydrating can sting if I've been out in the sun at all.

Astringent- Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent ($3.83 at drugstores) while most people shy away from astringents due to the tendency of alcohol to both sting and dry, I find that this one does neither. I use this after the makeup removing wipes and find it extremely refreshing. I also use a quick swipe before I put moisturizer on in the morning.

Serum- Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Serum ($176 here) I was going to pick this up on the cruise when my best friend informed me that he has a couple of brand new bottles lying around our apartment. As far as I'm concerned, this has caused a completely 180 with my skin. I use two pumps about 30 minutes before bed and when I wake up in the morning. After I let in soak in (which really doesn't take long at all) I apply my moisturizers followed by makeup.

Day Cream- Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream (usually $210 for 100mL on sale for $185 here) this cream feels extremely light weight once on my skin but leaves me with amazingly hydrated skin and provides a great base for light summer makeup. The only downside I have found to this is that I have to wait at least 15 minutes before I can apply it on top of the serum, otherwise it balls up and makes my makeup look splotchy.

Night Cream- Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream ($148 here)- I have no complaints with this one. It is fantastic, makes my skin feel great and has definitely smoothed a couple of my premature fine lines. This one doesn't ball up when applied directly after the serum, but I do suggest allowing at least a little time.

Spot Treatment- Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10 ($5.99 at drugstores) I pick mine up when I'm at Target and its usually on sale. I've been using this for as long as I can remember and it is definitely my favorite of the spot treatments I've found. It dries up pimples overnight and decreases redness dramatically.

That's it for skin care. I'll be posting a couple on summer makeup in the coming days.


So, I realize that I am being a HORRIBLE blogger recently. I haven't posted anything in ages... and I apologize. That being said, because I have a bit of an obsession with makeup, I have a ton. This also means that storing it, keeping track of it and remembering what all I own gets a little difficult. A couple of times a year I like to do a kind of "makeup inventory" where I essentially make an excel spreadsheet and catalogue everything I have. THis is extremely helpful because I find things that got buried that I love, I can cycle out my makeup seasonally (aka I don't need my super heavy winter foundations anymore and my bronzers all come out), and it gives me a running list when I go to buy new things. This sounds extremely conceited, and I promise I'm not trying to brag. Anyways, to get to my point- because I have a recent inventory, I'm going to do a series of posts that are my favorite products, by brand. I'll start with MAC, but have a TON of brands to do which should keep me busy for the next couple of nights.

anyways, much love and expect lots of posts in the near future :D

much love,
Blonde and the Beauty

FOTD- bronzes and teals

I was feeling summery this morning, and summer always brings in those bronzed beauties and bright colors. I'm still loving undercurrent for its crazy staying power and wonderful color. Sorry for the slight creasing in the top photo, it was taken after a full 12 hour day. I've found that the best way to beat this is to slap down an eye primer BEFORE I use mixing medium to foil pigments.

Laura Mericer Tinted Moisturizer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Copper Sparkle Pigment- on lid with water based mixing medium
Chocolate Brown and Deep Brown pigment- on outer corner- I use my mac 219 to create the V effect, which elongates the eye. I also brought this color down and just slight on my lower lashline
Cuddle Shadestick- just barely placed on the inside corners
Undercurrent Eyeliner- on lower waterline

Springsheen- applied to apples and blended out towards hairline

NARS Turkish Delight- slicked across lips for a quick shine

FOTD- red lips

I know, I know. It's almost summer and I should be embracing the corals, bright pinks and aquas of the season, but sometimes a girl just needs to feel timeless. Nothing says classic more than black winged eyeliner and a red lip. This is actually a fairly quick look, once you get the hang of the eyeliner.

Kinerase Ultimate Day Moisturizer
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural
Laura Mercier Powder Foundation

MAC Bare Canvas paint pot- from lid to brow bone
SMH single in creme de nude - brown highlight
SMH single in bondage- along lower lashline
SMH single in charade- blended lightly into the crease
L'Oreal HIP creme liner in black- along top lashline (I use the sonia kashuk bent eyeliner brush)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Rockstar- on waterline
Imju Fiberwig Mascara- bottom and top lashes
MAC shadestick in Cuddle- inner eye highlighter

Cargo Reverse liner- outside lip line blended (prevents feathering)
NARS lip liner in Jungle Red- line lips and fill in to create a stain lie effect
MAC lipstick in rebel- a pinkish purple all over lips lightly with a lip brush
Make Up Forever Lipstick in 205- blue red all over lips

MAC Beauty Powder in Summer Rose- on apples blended back towards temples
MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl- used as a C highlighter (from top of brow to top of cheekbone)

I know this seems like a ton of products for a "simple look" but the whole thing takes me less the 15 minutes, which is saying something as most of my looks take almost 45 minutes. The biggest time saver is foundation. Now that summer weather is rolling around I can get away with a lot less coverage, which equals a huge time cut.

Updates on skin care and foundation routines

So- I've changes up a couple of things with my foundation and skin care routines as summer approaches. I will give you a run down on a couple of new things that I am trying, whether I'm loving them or leaving them after I finish up what I've got.

After I suffered from a rather large breakout due to Studio Sculpt (so sad, I know) I returned to my tried and true skin care. the only thing that really changes is the moisturizers for both day and night. I've also gone back to using the Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask every night (stick it in the fridge for the most wonderfully refreshing and cooling mask ever)


Daytime- Kinerase Ultimate Day Moisturizer ($125)- I do realize that the price for this is ridiculously high but it lasts FOREVER. I've had the same tube for over a year, and I still have tons left. The Sephora website describes this as the "richest day cream in the Kinerase collection - ideal for dry, mature, or environmentally damaged skin." I definitely have to agree, as this is the heaviest moisturizer I have ever used. Its perfect for making it through tough winters. However, unlike some moisturizers, it doesn't sit on top of your skin and feel gloopy. Instead it sinks deep into the skin, moisturizing from the inside out and creating the unmistakable natural "glow from within". This also claims that "using sunlight-activated technology, photosomes are clinically proven to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin by 52 percent." While my skin isn't sun damaged, I can tell you that this keeps my skin wonderfully soft without being greasy all day long.

Nightime: Kinerase Ultimate Night Moisturizer ($125)- This is the heavier yet wonderfully blissful night cream that puts all others to shame. Don't get me wrong, I love my Chanel Beaute Intiale, but there is just something about this that always makes me feel like my skin is the best it can be. I slather it on at night and in the morning my skin STILL feels moisturized. I think that my next purchase will be their eye cream, because I think I may always be a loyal Kinerase fan, even if its not in my everyday repertoire, its definitely the first thing I reach for when my skin starts to act up.

Foundation Routine-
As I mentioned, studio sculpt was wonderful for.... a week. After that I broke out in my worst breakout in about four years. I stopped using ALL makeup (which is a huge deal for me) for about 3 days and washed and exfoliated and treated until some of it went down. I also went to my dermatologist who gave me some heavy duty antibiotics to get rid of it all.


Primer: CoverFX BritePrepFX ($45)- I bought this a long time ago, when I was hooked on all over CoverFX's products. Although my love affair with their intense cream foundations and cakey powder ended, things with BritePrep and I never got off the ground. I was into the "super matte" porcelain doll look, and I figured that a brightening primer was the last thing I needed. However, as my makeup has evolved, and summer approaches, I find myself wanting more and more for glowy, sun kissed skin. A very small amount of this goes a long way, and I have to remember to shake it or I get a big oily, separated mess. But, once I got the hang of it, my skin is glowy all day long, without looking like I dipped my face into a vat of frying grease.

Concealer: MAC studio finish ($16.50)- full coverage, creamy, perfection. those are the only things I needed to hear. I'm sold. I set it with some luminous Armani loose powder I've had for years.

Foundation: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($42)- I've already written about this lots. Its perfectly pigmented and wonderful.

Besides that I haven't changed much at all.

On a side note, in attempts to get my color treated hair back to some for a decency I'm trying the John Freida Frizz Ease Cream Serum Overnight Repair Formula. Talk about a mouthful. updates on that an full coastal scents palettes review coming up tomorrow.

♥ blonde and the beauty

Summer Collection Wishlists

I think I may be most excited for MAC’s To the Beach collection (launching May 27th) and Chanel’s Les Pop-Up (launching sometime in May)

To the Beach has really cute limited edition packaging, two new duo fiber brushes and CREAM BRONZERS.

The wonderful bronzes, and fantastic corals and pinks have me in tizzy for the beach. Nothing like a neutral eye and some BRIGHT lipstick. Or maybe some teal shadow, heavy bronzer and a toned down coral.

pictures at the bottom. all courtesy of the lovely christine (my favorite blogger) at

MAC To the Beach:

eyeshadow ($14.50): sweet and punchy and maybe sand and sun (yellow-green, light peach)

since I’m currently in love with greens and teals, I was super excited when I saw the first promo pics float in, but saddened when I realized that the launch included two permanent colors, shimmermoss and humid.

Lipstick ($14.00): lazy day, beach bound and maybe Thrills (pale peach, light blue-pink, rosy copper)

I was really hoping for some brighter pinks and corals with this release, although the focus seems more to be on bronzing, bright greens and subdued lips. Thrills is definitely one I’m going to have to swatch before I buy, because I feel like it may look pretty wintery on me.

Lipglass ($14): easy louger, flurry of fun, splashing (baby pink, sparkly peach, blue pink)

yes, I realize that this is all three, but 1- i love lipglasses, 2- i love limited edition packaging and 3- they are such versatile colors, and ones I wear on a regular basis.

Lip Pencil ($13): Life’s a Breeze (soft pink)

I hate that MAC releases limited edition lip pencils. I feel like these are staples in makeup routines and by releasing them in limited quantaties, its like a tease. If you really like them you end up doing what I did with Naked lip liner- buying multiple backups. That being said, I love the pink one, and I don’t quite have a pink like it in my collection

Eye Kohl ($14.50): Float on By (dark green turquoise)

once again, this feeds into my newly acquired green fetish.

Powder Blush (18.50): Hipness (intense coral)

I’ve also recently acquired quite the liking for coral and peachy blushes. Hipness looks absolutely gorgeous.

High-Light Powder ($26): Marine Life

I’ve never seen any MAC product like this before, and the seahorse is just too cute to pass up.

Cream Bronzer ($25): beach bronze (golden glow)

I love bronzers, and I love cream blushes- needless to say I’m extremely excited for the cream bronzers

Lustre Drops (18.50): sun rush (peachy bronze)

I’ve used my Pink Rebel lustre drops quite often as highlights, and can’t wait to add a bronze to the mix.

Nail Polish ($12): Scorcher (bright coral-red)

I’m not known to be the biggest fan of MAC nailpolishes. However, this one looks absolutely too good to pass up.

Chanel’s Les Pop-Ups:

Les Vernis nail polish ($23): Riviera (intense pink)

this is the perfect pink for summer, and although it is definitely on the pricey side, these polishes have a great formula.

Lipstick ($32): Summer (rose) and Genial (coral) Bikini Peach (soft pink)

all three of the lipsticks released in this collection look amazing. The bright corals and pinks lacking in MACs release are definitely present in this collection. Genial is the color seen on the Chanel runway shows, and I wanted it from the moment I saw it.

Lipgloss ($29): Bondi (light copper)

I love Chanel’s lipgloss formulas, and don’t have nearly enough. I may even splurge and get the other two also.

FOTD- Greens, Blues and Purples

In an attempt to break myself out of the super neutral look I’ve been sporting for a week, I visited my lovely friends at MAC to see if they could pull me out of my neutral-dazed funk. As always, they delivered, and this look was just too gorgeous not to show.

update: whether it was a change in climate from vacation or a result of my new favorite foundation, I got a huge breakout when I got back from spring break. Since then I have totally laid off the foundation, as I’m thinking that Studio Sculpt may have been the culprit. I’ve been using smashbox photofinish, studio finish concealer and MSF natural as my daily skin routine, along with tons of cleansing and it seems to be making the problem much less.

Products Used (MAC unless noted otherwise)


Smashbox Photofinish Original Primer

Studio Finish concealer in NW20

Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium


Painterly Paint Pot (nude base)

Purple Haze (matte grey lilac color), Violet Trance (bright matte purple) and Atlantic Blue (matte cool toned blue) in crease with a 224 tapered blending brush

Steamy (a cool blue toned teal with lots of shimmer) all over the lid with the 239 shadow brush

Ego (a very shimmery light pink) as a brow bone highlight with the 239 shadow brush

Blacktrack fluidline (black gel eyeliner) across the top lash line with either a 209 or a 266 angled liner brush

Pearlglide Intense eyeliner in Undercurrent (blue teal color) on bottom waterline and top corner waterline- this gets released on thursday and all of the colors are AMAZING!

Violet Trance and Atlantic Blue right on bottom lash line with the 219 pencil brush

Fresh Super Nova Mascara on top and bottom lashes


Springshine Blush (shimmery pinkish orange) to the apples with the 129 blush brush

Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Flush buffed onto cheekbone with 181 small buffer brush

Refined Golden Bronzer (deep golden bronze) with 181 buffer into contour


naked lip liner (true pale neutral- almost like a concealer for your lips)

Plushglass Lip gloss in Posh It Up (a golden pink that almost has a coral-ish sheen)

I think this may be my new “go to” look. I’m loving the green with my brown eyes. I tend to reach for purples and blues, but I’m definitely going to start going out of my way to use more greens.

(coastal scents reviews are in the works, just taking a while)

FOTD- quick neutrals

I seem to be reaching for these couple of products quite often this week. And by “quite often” I mean every day. With the weather finally somewhat reminiscent of spring, I’ve been going for a very neutral yet fresh look this week. You will have to excuse the crappy iMac photos, my camera battery is charging as we speak.

And the eyes:

Products Used:


MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25

Benefit’s BOing concealer

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium


MAC Soft Ocre Paintpot (a matte nude base)

SMH single eyeshadow in Creme D’Nude (very light creme for entire lid to browbone)

SMH single eyeshadow in Sin Sational- (a shimmery light peach for lid)

MAC Arena Eyeshadow (Shimmery light brown for a little definition in the crease)

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Violet Ink (a black violet eggplant color used to tightline top lashes and lightly on the waterline)

SMH single eyeshadow in Divine (a creamy shimmery white for highlighting the brow bone)

Fresh Supernova Mascara


NARS super orgasm blush (very shimmery peachy pink for apples of the cheeks)

MAC iridescent powder in Tenderdusk (a shimmery pink for top part of the cheek bone)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping and Pink Porcelain (very light shimmery highlighters for top of cheekbones)


Smashbox lipgloss in Pout (a sheer baby pink gloss)

SMH stands for Stars Makeup Haven, a website that sells both the palettes that Coastal Scents does, and single eyeshadows for the extremely cheap price of $4.95. My experience with these eyeshadows has been extremely positive. I bought two 28 palettes for less than the price of 1 MAC 15 palette. These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and with 97 colors to choose from, its hard to find one you don’t like. My only warning is that some of the shadows are more like pressed pigments and are therefore rather prone to fallout. However, I’ve found if you use a sticky base like paintpots and a dense brush, you can minimize fall out greatly. The website is and the direct link to the shadows is

a note on dupes: I’ve heard that L’Oreal’s HIP eyeliner in eggplant is an extremely close, and much cheaper dupe for the Bobbi Brown eyeliner I used.

Foundation Routine

Much like my skincare routine, this changes quite often. I have pretty dry and sensitive skin and depending on the weather I tend to have fairly large pores around my cheek area. However, there are miracle days when I feel like my skin is great and little makeup is needed. I will post an entry on that sometime later this week.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I start out with Philosophy’s Hope Springs Eternal spray and a dab of dark circles.

Primer: Smashbox PhotoFinish Original ($36)- I’ve tried tons of different primers, and this is the only one that seems to fill my pores without feeling excessively heavy once I put on concealer, foundation and powder. Also, just a tip: if you ever need to run out of the house sans “slap” (as one of my favorite gurus lollipop26 calls it) take a pump or two of photo finish and call it a day, it evens out skin texture, making it the perfect for those early morning grocery store runs.

Foundations: MAC Studio Sculpt in NC25 ($29.50), Makeup Forever HD in 120 ($40), and Chanel Mat Lumiere in Soft Bisque ($54)- Let me preface this by saying that without a doubt, the foundation that I grab for everyday is Studio Sculpt. MAC foundations and I have been through the ringers for years, as almost all of their formulations break me out. However, one fateful day, a beloved MA at my MAC counter conned me into trying it, and I was instantly hooked. The creamy gel formula glides effortlessly onto skin, making perfect skin a fairytale no more. It has a medium coverage which covers everything except for my pesky dark circles. My only problem with SS is the finish. It has what I would call a “satin” finish although if I touch my hands to my face it often feels somewhat sticky. My remedy is a good setting powder, which I cover later. However, if I know I am going to be out in the hot sun all day or in another situation in which sweat is inevitable, I reach for the previous holy grail title holders- a combination of MUFE HD and Mat Lumiere. I use a 2:1 ratio of MUFE:Chanel because I love the finish on Lumiere but the color I have is about a shade too dark, and I find that if I don’t mix them I can look a little cakey. I apply all of my foundations with the MAC 187 stippling brush, and am still on the hunt for a cheaper dupe.

Setting Powder: Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder ($30)- I have yet to find a finishing powder I like as much as this one. It leaves this silky amazing feeling skin, that doesn’t fade throughout the day, and keeps everything in place. I like to use it after i’ve applied everything, blush, sculpt, etc. to make sure that everything stays. I’ve also heard that MAC Set Powder is extremely similar.

Color Corrector: Coastal Scents Color Corrector Quad ($7.95)- I love this quad and it also works extremely well for any of you working on your kits. The only ones I use are the yellow to combat my under eye circles and the green for redness, but the other two are useful for self tanning mishaps and olive complected skin. I use these before foundation and after my primer.

Under Eye Concealer: Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW20 ($16.50)- this ultra-creamy concealer is wonderful, that is all I can say about it. I use the NW range because they are pink based, combatting the purplish undertones of my nasty under eye circles.

Blemish Concealer: Coastal Scents Camo Concealer Palette ($16.95)- this is unbeatable for the price. with 5 yellow based and 5 pink based concealers ranging from very light to very dark, and a super creamy formulation. I love the yellow based to cover up any blemishes I may have.

Bronzers: Nars Laguna Bronzer ($32) and MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden ($22)- both of these are wonderful for that just back from the beach glow. I use the MAC 150 brush for the perfect distribution.

Skin Care Routine

Where does one begin a beauty blog? I read blogs, on a daily basis, and I think that the foundation of beauty has to be your skin, and with that being said, what better way to start a beauty blog than with a skin care routine. When I was younger I was blessed with pretty perfect skin. I rarely got zits, I had normal to dry skin, could sleep in makeup without breaking out and it wasn't particularly sensitive. However, as I've gotten older I have really realized how extremely important skin care is.

skin type: dry to normal

skin color: in the winter I’m as light as they come, although come summer I’m a light to medium tan (for all you mac junkies, I start at an NC15 and am usually around an NC30 by the time summer rolls around)

biggest skin concern: redness, my cheeks are especially red and my dermatologist tells me that I’m on the borderline of rosacea.

also, just a note- I use a ton of products, mostly because I’m constantly changing them out, although this has been pretty constant for about four months now.

Cleanser: Mac Creme Cleanser ($19.50)- this cleanser does it all for me, removes makeup and gets deep into my pores to clean out any dirt and grime. I use this when I wake up in the morning, and before I go to bed.

Exfoliator: St. Ives ($3.95)- being a beauty junkie I have tried probably 30 different exfoliators, and I always come back to this one. They now have a wide range of scrubs targeted towards skin concerns, there is one for everyone. I use the Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackhead Fighter, but there are many others. I use this usually at night after my cleanser.

Exfoliator/Cleanser: Clarisonic Face Brush ($195)- While most people claim this as their holy grail skin care item, I wouldn’t go so far for myself. I absolutely love this brush, however, I’ve found that if I use it everyday as directed, my skin becomes extremely tender and sensitive to any products I use afterwords. Because of this, I try to use it about twice a week, or whenever I feel like my skin needs an extra deep cleanse. I use it with my MAC cleanser and it works great. (edit, I've been using this every night for the past week because I've been trying to clear up some spots, but when my skin is doing well I don't use it nearly as often.)

Night Face Creme: Chanel’s Beaute Initiale Creme ($75)- While this seemed like an extremely extravagant purchase at the time, I feel like skin is worth investing in, and this creme is just that: an investment. After going through tons of moisturizers trying to find the perfect one, I finally gave in and stopped at my nearest Chanel counter. The wonderful MA suggested this creme to me and as soon as I opened it and felt the extremely creamy, yet surprisingly light formulation, I was sold. I use this at night before bed and wake up the next morning with my skin feeling miraculously supple and smooth, despite what the weather may be.

Eye Creams: Philosophy’s Dark Shadows ($33) and MAC’s Moisturelush Eye Creme($30)- Dark Shadows is a must own for all of us plagued by dark circles. I use some at night before I put moisturizers on and in the morning right before makeup. I don’t know how it does it, but my dark bags seem to disappear. As far as Moisturelush goes, it is my go to eye cream when my face is super dry. Overnight it plumps and moisturizes the areas around my eyes better than anything else I have found.

Day Time Moisturizer: Philosophy’s Hope Springs Eternal ($20)- I ran across this on accident one fateful day in Sephora as I was digging for another tube of my beloved Dark Shadows. This product is everything I wish MAC’s FIX+ would have been, but isn’t. The scent is delightful and its the perfect balance of refreshing cool and moisture before I put on my makeup.

Day/Night Treatment: Dermadoctor’s Calm, Cool & Corrected ($85)- This lightweight cream seemed to be nothing more than another sales ploy. How could a light creme promise to lessen the severity of my extremely pink cheeks? But this creme delivers. It takes about two weeks to see results, but not only does this wonderful creme make my cheeks porcelain white, but they are no longer super sensitive!

Mask: Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask ($45)- I hardly use this anymore after I discovered Calm, Cool & Corrected, but there are times when I need an extra dose of soothing comfort, and I reach for this beauty. A little bit goes a very long way, and I have had the same jar for over a year, and I used it once a day for a good 6 months.

Peel: Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Peel ($44)- I will admit that if you do not like the smell of pumpkin, or pumpkin pie you will want to steer very clear of this product. Although if you can manage your face smelling like a pumpkin for up to five minutes, this product is a chemical exfoliator, leaving my skin the smoothest it has been in years. I only use this once every two to three weeks or so because PTR products are so potent.

And there you have it, my extremely long run down on my skin care routine! let me know if you would like sites on where to find all of the products and I will be sure to add those. As I've said, I use a ton of products, and it definitely fluctuates depending on how my skin is acting, which changes about as often and the wind changes directions.

Hello, Blog-ville

I will start with a confession: I am a die hard beauty addict. I have been for almost as long as I can remember, and over the years my collection has grown exponentially. That being said, I have loads of free time, and nothing to fill it with, so I decided instead of reading my favorite beauty blogs, I would start my own. Be on the lookout for blogs about everything from reviews, face of the days (fotd for short), swatches and a rundown on some of my daily routines. If there is anything y'all would like to be reviewed, see swatches of, etc. feel free to message me, email me or comment on a post, I would love feedback. I may also eventually get into video tutorials, but we'll see how it goes. Anyways, much love.

Blonde and the Beauty ♥