Summer Collection Wishlists

I think I may be most excited for MAC’s To the Beach collection (launching May 27th) and Chanel’s Les Pop-Up (launching sometime in May)

To the Beach has really cute limited edition packaging, two new duo fiber brushes and CREAM BRONZERS.

The wonderful bronzes, and fantastic corals and pinks have me in tizzy for the beach. Nothing like a neutral eye and some BRIGHT lipstick. Or maybe some teal shadow, heavy bronzer and a toned down coral.

pictures at the bottom. all courtesy of the lovely christine (my favorite blogger) at

MAC To the Beach:

eyeshadow ($14.50): sweet and punchy and maybe sand and sun (yellow-green, light peach)

since I’m currently in love with greens and teals, I was super excited when I saw the first promo pics float in, but saddened when I realized that the launch included two permanent colors, shimmermoss and humid.

Lipstick ($14.00): lazy day, beach bound and maybe Thrills (pale peach, light blue-pink, rosy copper)

I was really hoping for some brighter pinks and corals with this release, although the focus seems more to be on bronzing, bright greens and subdued lips. Thrills is definitely one I’m going to have to swatch before I buy, because I feel like it may look pretty wintery on me.

Lipglass ($14): easy louger, flurry of fun, splashing (baby pink, sparkly peach, blue pink)

yes, I realize that this is all three, but 1- i love lipglasses, 2- i love limited edition packaging and 3- they are such versatile colors, and ones I wear on a regular basis.

Lip Pencil ($13): Life’s a Breeze (soft pink)

I hate that MAC releases limited edition lip pencils. I feel like these are staples in makeup routines and by releasing them in limited quantaties, its like a tease. If you really like them you end up doing what I did with Naked lip liner- buying multiple backups. That being said, I love the pink one, and I don’t quite have a pink like it in my collection

Eye Kohl ($14.50): Float on By (dark green turquoise)

once again, this feeds into my newly acquired green fetish.

Powder Blush (18.50): Hipness (intense coral)

I’ve also recently acquired quite the liking for coral and peachy blushes. Hipness looks absolutely gorgeous.

High-Light Powder ($26): Marine Life

I’ve never seen any MAC product like this before, and the seahorse is just too cute to pass up.

Cream Bronzer ($25): beach bronze (golden glow)

I love bronzers, and I love cream blushes- needless to say I’m extremely excited for the cream bronzers

Lustre Drops (18.50): sun rush (peachy bronze)

I’ve used my Pink Rebel lustre drops quite often as highlights, and can’t wait to add a bronze to the mix.

Nail Polish ($12): Scorcher (bright coral-red)

I’m not known to be the biggest fan of MAC nailpolishes. However, this one looks absolutely too good to pass up.

Chanel’s Les Pop-Ups:

Les Vernis nail polish ($23): Riviera (intense pink)

this is the perfect pink for summer, and although it is definitely on the pricey side, these polishes have a great formula.

Lipstick ($32): Summer (rose) and Genial (coral) Bikini Peach (soft pink)

all three of the lipsticks released in this collection look amazing. The bright corals and pinks lacking in MACs release are definitely present in this collection. Genial is the color seen on the Chanel runway shows, and I wanted it from the moment I saw it.

Lipgloss ($29): Bondi (light copper)

I love Chanel’s lipgloss formulas, and don’t have nearly enough. I may even splurge and get the other two also.

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