So, I realize that I am being a HORRIBLE blogger recently. I haven't posted anything in ages... and I apologize. That being said, because I have a bit of an obsession with makeup, I have a ton. This also means that storing it, keeping track of it and remembering what all I own gets a little difficult. A couple of times a year I like to do a kind of "makeup inventory" where I essentially make an excel spreadsheet and catalogue everything I have. THis is extremely helpful because I find things that got buried that I love, I can cycle out my makeup seasonally (aka I don't need my super heavy winter foundations anymore and my bronzers all come out), and it gives me a running list when I go to buy new things. This sounds extremely conceited, and I promise I'm not trying to brag. Anyways, to get to my point- because I have a recent inventory, I'm going to do a series of posts that are my favorite products, by brand. I'll start with MAC, but have a TON of brands to do which should keep me busy for the next couple of nights.

anyways, much love and expect lots of posts in the near future :D

much love,
Blonde and the Beauty

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