In and Outs- Summer 2011

I want to start doing weekly in and outs, but decided to start off I should do a Summer in and out.

Being ridiculously pale
Paris having the kind of weather Dallas has in winter
All the tourists!
Thick foundations
Skincare Products making HUGE claims
Snooty sales people
"statement" jewelry pieces
Europe getting fall collections a million years after the US ( I JUST got my hands on Peridot)

He-Shi Fake Tan
Going to Greece in September
Tinted moisturizers (look for a comparison post soon!)
Being at a place in my life I never thought I would get to
Chanel Tan de Soleil Bronze Universal Tanning Base (what a mouthful!)
Dainty jewelry
Nail Polish
Makeup Alley
Ellie Goulding
Big Comfy T-Shirts and Haviannas
Getting back in the Gym
Asian sheet masks

*photo property of he-shi tan*

so... that's all for now! see you guys soon :)



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